Generous donations from benefactors, parent fundraisers and grants from the Drive for Autism, allowed the Seton Foundation to introduce an Art Program in the elementary school in September 2015.

During art class, students engage in different art techniques which are designed to focus on sensory needs and target specific skills in a fun and creative setting.  Some of the different types of art created used crumpled paper, working with aluminum foil, plastic forks, marbles, sensory stamps, finger painting, bead work and clay.

The Art Program not only gives the children an opportunity to strengthen fine motor skills but it also triggers their imaginations, builds self-esteem and allows them to develop a hobby that gives substance to leisure time. 

Through a partnership with our psychology department, we have learned that art can be a coping mechanism used to ease anxiety and increase socialization.Our art coordinator has also started using video modeling to teach which has helped to minimize sensory stimuli so students can concentrate purely on the content of the art lesson.  Through the collaboration of our Art and Psychology departments, we are finding creative new ways to discover the potential in our students.