The Seton Foundation for Learning is a not for profit, non-sectarian organization that supports special education programs in Staten Island, New York. Our mission is to ensure that our children are provided with an appropriate and individualized educational program. We strive to foster a level of independence that will allow each student to make meaningful contributions to society and to reach their full potential.

The Seton Foundation for Learning was founded in February 1985, through parental initiative, to establish an alternate education setting and provide a positive learning atmosphere for school aged children with special needs.  The Seton Foundation for Learning is affiliated with three schools, the Joan Ann Kennedy Memorial Preschool, the Mother Franciska Elementary School, and he Bishop Patrick V Ahern High School.  While the elementary school and the high school are private, the preschool is a New York State Department of Education approved program. 

Between February of 1985 and September of 1998 the Seton Foundation for Learning expanded from one classroom to three schools serving developmentally disabled children ages 2.9 to 21 years old.  The Mother Franciska Elementary School opened in September of 1986 with one classroom serving students from ages five to six. Each consecutive year a classroom was added and in September of 1989, the first intermediate classroom was added for children ages nine to fourteen years old.  Currently, the private elementary school consists of six self-contained classrooms serving students age five to fourteen.  In September of 1994, the Joan Ann Kennedy Memorial Preschool opened, serving students with disabilities ages 2.9-5.  The preschool is a New York State Department of Education approved program.  Housed in the same building as the elementary school, the preschool consists of four small supportive classrooms that range from six students, one teacher and one teacher assistant (6:1:1) to ten students, one teacher and two teacher assistants (10:1:2).  In September 1998, a long term goal was met when the Bishop Patrick V. Ahern High School opened.  The private high school serves students with developmental disabilities ages fourteen to twenty-one years old.

Our staff consists of compassionate individuals who believe in collaboration to facilitate academic, social, and emotional growth within our students each day. We employ full time, certified, special education teachers who provide both individual and group instruction in all curriculum areas. In addition to the teaching and support staff we employ two school psychologists with a BCBA and a consulting BCBA as well as an art coordinator, dance instructor, music teacher and a music therapist.  All related services are on site including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling as mandated on our student’s Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

We have made great strides since our inception in 1985. Throughout our many years of operation, various types of programs and projects have been implemented to enhance the scope of learning for our children, including the implementation of computer based instruction, inclusion opportunities, music therapy, dance, art enrichment, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) . The use of iPads and SMART technology help us to enhance our learning environment and provide a unique and individualized educational experience.  We emphasize the importance of language and communication development, social skills, daily living skills, independence and a positive self-image, which are all major components of our curriculum.  We continue to believe we have only just begun.